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Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular poker games that are played all over the world. You could play them both in the online mode as well as off line mode. If you want to know how to play poker and that too Texas holdem poker then read on the following article.

Rules for Deals:

Every game will have its own poker rules that need to be understood only then you will get the chance of winning the game as well. The number of players range from two to ten. A button will be given to the dealer and blinds of both big as well as small and will be kept in the clockwise direction. The blinds will depict the amount for which you are going to bet. The dealer will start dealing the cards only when the posting of the blinds are completed. Two cards for each player are dealt and the final card is invariably dealt to the player who is having the button.

Poker Rules for Pre Flops

The Texas holdem poker will now start off only by the person seated on the left side of the big blinds and every person will get two or three moves each. First move is free folding of hands, second is call out the value of the big blind and the last move would be post the blind called and add the chips. This will continue until nobody else bets higher than this bet.

Poker Rules for Flops

Dealer of the Texas holdem poker will take up three cards with face up and that becomes the flop cards of the game. Now every player will combine the three flop cards along with their two cards on hand to bring out a poker combination. Betting begins again but this time with the small blinds. So any of the three moves can be done by the players and this will go on until all the calls have been raised. 
For a better game play, you definitely have to understand the poker 
rules for Flops.

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